About Us

Becca's Alpacas Vision is to share our love of alpacas, fiber and fiber arts with the community, and to demonstrate that people with disabilities can be successful business owners.

We raise alpacas and process their fleece into a variety of fiber products as well as spin into yarn. We also purchase high quality yarn and hand-dye each skein.

With a microenterprise grant, Becca’s Alpacas began by purchasing alpacas, fencing and equipment. Initially operating from the kitchen table, Becca began by processing alpaca fiber to make into yarn. With her support team, Becca learned to spin and felt fiber and began marketing her products at conferences and crafts fairs. Later Becca’s Alpacas purchased high quality yarn and began hand-dyeing each skein. Now operating out of a storefront in downtown Palmer, Alaska, Becca’s Alpacas offers a variety of products including mill-spun yarn from her alpacas.


Microenterprise Grants: Becca's Story from AlaskaDHSS on Vimeo.